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Board Rules
Board Rules
Welcome to Sim Dynasty Message Boards!

These companion boards to simulation baseball provide opportunities for game technical support and strategy advice, as well as just discuss the game and meet other owners. If you have any questions about the message boards or the main site, please feel free to visit our new rule book or the Questions and Answers forum. Other users as well as site administrators will be happy to help you.

- Sim Dynasty Staff


Message Board Posting Guidelines

1) The following will not be tolerated on the message boards:
Personal attacks, flaming, or threats of any kind
Racial or Sexual Harassment

2) Controversial topics (including, but not limited to, politics and religion) that serve no purpose but to start an argument are not permitted.

3) Topics and posts in the "Sim Forums" should remain relevant to the game and forum; any personal discussions - or disagreements - should remain in "Other Stuff" or a league specific forum from which they arise.

4) Inappropriate, adult, or obscene content will not be allowed. Please realize that users come from many backgrounds and ages; teenage minors may be users on the site, other users may view or share teams and messages boards with family, and all owners have different standards of decency and obscenity.

Any image that could be construed as offensive or sexually suggestive can not be used as an Avatar. This policy applies for images posted in a league message board as well. If someone in your league could or does construe an image as sexually suggestive, it will not be permitted.

5) Spamming and other advertisements are not permitted. Established customers who wish to review, suggest or advise others on other sites or opportunities may not use inappropriate forums and should not use direct links or engage in unsolicited and/or unwanted advertisement or recruitment via the message boards. Other contact information such as email and U2U gained through SimDynasty may not be used for unrelated purposes.


Code of conduct for public boards
(Suggest Enhancements, Check This Out, Game and Site Questions, Support, Latest News, and Team and Draft Help)

A). These boards should be welcoming to both new and old owners. Even if the topic isn't new the tone of responses should be at the very least respectful. There is a difference between saying 'Not this topic again' or 'Already read 30 times' and 'We've discussed this several times in the past with the following results' or 'There have been several threads on this topic already (and maybe link to one).' As always tone can be interpreted many different ways so err on the side of nice rather than snark.

B). When disagreeing with someone, repeating the same thing over and over isn't helpful. Nor is name calling nor is general abuse. Public boards are not the place for petty disagreements. If you can't stand Person X then refrain from commenting in his threads. If you can't refrain from commenting then at least be polite.

C). A little joking around with well known people is fine but try to keep the thread fairly on topic.


Private Messaging

The forum provides a private message system called U2U. Conduct via private message is similar to the main forums, in that harassment or personal attacks are not allowed. Note that although your U2U messages are private from other users, the site administrators have access to all messaging on the site, including U2U's, and may access them in circumstances such as conflicts between users.


Violation of any of these policies or refusal to respond to staff warnings may result in being banned from the message boards. Violating these guidelines on the main site may result in loss of access to the site, including forfeiture of any teams.

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