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Post by Splinter » Wed Jun 06, 2018 3:25 pm

Not sure what happens to this forum, but I was perusing the all-time stats and began to think about what the SAL all-time team would look like.

The 1950s stats were a bit tainted as fully developed players beat up on a league not completely developed. The last decade, the same happened as great players feasted on abandoned teams. But through it all, some interesting stats...albeit not the high altitude career counting numbers I've seen in other - particularly CP - leagues.

I'd like to highlight a couple recent players who have earned the right to be in this discussion:

March Nehf
All-time average & OBP leader. Mentioned in another recent thread, but deserving of a look here. Poor health prevented him from challenging the rare air of 3,000 hits.

Frank Heredia
160 career CG(!) 41 SHO, Black ink everywhere to go along with 253 wins and a 2.91 era. I want to know what the managers preferences are to complete that many games. I've had good A+ pitchers endurance and I've never come close to those numbers.

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