HOF Resurrected!

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HOF Resurrected!

Post by Conballs » Thu Nov 16, 2017 10:19 pm

I know I've been AWOL for a while on this, but I will get us back on track! In order to do so, I'm not going to be able to spend time on all the statistical accomplishments of every decent player. Instead I'm going to look at only those who *I* feel are worthy of HOF votes. Now, this does not mean that I am right. I encourage everyone to offer names up who I may have passed over. As long as there is some merit your player will be placed on the ballot.

A little refresher on how this runs. First, I only look at hitters who have started at least 1 All-Star game, and pitchers that have appeared in at least 1. Then I do a quick scan at career numbers and cherry pick who goes on the ballot. As everyone knows, there are plenty of one-dimensional hitters and mediocre relievers who have played in the Mid-Summer Classic but have no business being on a HOF ballot. Second, everyone responds to the thread as *promptly* as possible with their votes. These are the requirements:

*Need 10 votes total to induct a player
*Induction requires 70% of the vote
*Remaining on the ballot requires 25% of the vote
*A player gets 3 seasons to get to 70% and then he's off

I would like to try to run at least three ballots this season, so I'm targeting around games 54, 108 and 162 for the classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively. If we don't get the required 10 votes at game 54, then I add the 2017 class to the pool and we vote again.

Please feel free to respond with questions or suggestions. And most of all - PLEASE VOTE! The quicker we vote, the quicker we are all caught up.


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