Who is your home team???

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Who is your home team???

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Just a little exercise for everyone who is social distancing (basically everyone by now, right). What is your home team/who do you root for? Any sport but particularly baseball. I don't want this to become a shouting match, I don't want to know who you think sucks or not, just who you root for when sports are on. Ok Ill start....

Oakland A’s
Golden State Warriors.

Now you...
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Re: Who is your home team???

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and I know you didn’t want this to evolve into a shouting match but since you posted this over 2 1/2 months ago and I’m your first response here it goes. Covid19 was the best thing to happen to the Houston Astros. Up until it started taking over the headlines everybody was jumping on the bandwagon and dumping on the Astros, Judge, Trout, etc. So much so I think Manfred would have eventually taken away the Championship Trophy. But now it’s all calmed down and who knows what will happen!!!
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Re: Who is your home team???

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The Astros got off easy
I root for the Mariners and Seahawks. The NBA is dead to me.
Kenny England
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Re: Who is your home team???

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Cubbies - always the Cubbies since I can remember. My family grew up a few miles north of Wrigleyville. Of course it wasn't called that then, lol. The world series win was the all time favorite sports moment of my life. I went wild! And then Epstein ruined the team...
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