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Bob Boone AL League Pennant Race

Post by basilrathbonejr » Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:32 pm

The Detroit Tigers seemingly were down to their last flicker of life in the pennant race they heated back up and have won seven of ten games to climb back to within three games of the Chicago White Sox who on the other end of it were on the cusp of securing a strong hold onto first place when the Sox ran into a wall and lost five of eight games and two of their victories were in extra innings. Chicago is 4-3 in extra innings this season.

Ricardo Henry, the leftfielder, has led the team in the power department with 14 hits 28 RBI and a 276 batting average. Chip Magrann has 9 homers 37 RBI and has hit .283. Catcher Pete Breeden is hitting .279 with 6 homerun and 36 RBI. right fielder Stan Cabrera has 4 homeruns 31 RBI batting .274. John Mintz is leading the team in batting at .389 with 7 homers and 23 RBI.

Chicago ace Charlie Chappell is 6-5 with a 2.71 ERA and Tom Zimmerman is 5-5 w/a 5.06. Thad Cabell is 8-1 this season w/a 2.39 and Tony Schnell is 5-2 5.03 ERA.

Si Chervinko has 21 saves in 25 opportunities to lead the bullpen.

The Tigers three game winning streak put some life in their melting chances and put the Tigers fans in a much better mode.

Danny Selby (5-5) defeated Kansas City to end a three game losing streak. Bruce Byrne went five for five and George Brohamer and Don Jatkowsky each had two in the fifteen hit Tiger attack. Relief pitcher Rick Martinez won the second game of the streak 3-1 over Seattle. Paul Buschhorn earned his 9th save.

Al Uhle (6-2) went eight innings, allowed one hit and just one run both in the fourth inning when he walked Hugh Mangan with one out and gave up a two out double to Lou Cox. The run cut Detroit's lead to 2-1.

Catcher Tom Lynch doubled in the second inning and scored on a single by Don Yatkowski. Lynch hit his 8th homer in the 4th inning and Byrne hit his 4th in the 7th inning to make the final 3-1 Tigers.

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