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Trade Vote

Post by Admin » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:21 am

There have been 3 votes to overturn recent trade:
Trade #1579519 has been completed between the Seattle Pilots and the New York red stix. The New York red stix receive Rico Carty from the Seattle Pilots in exchange for Bobby Hancock.

Please take a moment to vote on this trade if you haven't already at ... 253359.[br][/br]
I ask that you refrain from discussing trades. Nothing positive ever comes from this. Anyone discussing any trades publicly may have their posting privileges revoked.

So if you feel this complaint is without merit, please simply vote to allow the trade to stand.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that not all trades are equal, and not all inequal trades should be overturned. A trade should only be overturned if there is bad faith on the part of one or both of the teams involved. If both teams get something they need out of the trade and neither party is taking advantage of an unaware trading partner, the trade should stand. Overturning a trade may not be used as a strategic option.

If either of the two owners involved in this deal would like to comment on the deal, please reply to this thread stating the facts or reasons for this trade without emotion or being argumentative.
To help us serve you better, please use the support system for all questions or problems. PMs should NEVER be used. The Support system is always read before PMs.

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Re: <t>Trade Vote</t>

Post by Ric5 » Mon Oct 22, 2018 6:57 pm

so why did the trade get over turned? Just curious if the vote was completed and it wasn't over turned how did you manage to over turn it? I have been playing this for quite a while and have seen some really bad trades and only 2 have been over turned. Both were against me. One was an offer I accepted and the other was a counter offer that I accepted. Just lost me.

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Re: <t>Trade Vote</t>

Post by pogomogo10 » Tue Oct 23, 2018 1:47 am

I would say admin could not justify why you should get a decent 33 year old for an over the hill 36 year old.! Admin probably is the Judge and we are the Jury he didn't like are results.(also with 6 inactive owner 4 bots and 2 inactive) He made a judgement call maybe??

But can you still explain to me why you think that's a fair deal?? Knowing that if he(Seattle) wants a mentor 2 players with A+ out on the waiver wire for free and only 34 years of age. I'm not sure what Seattle has Against me. I made a much better offer(5 days before), now other owners may say he didn't want to strengthen my team if we are the same division(i understand that but that's not the case either). I have not said a bad word about Seattle and as far as I know we are on Good terms, So i'm not sure why he didn't except my deal. Also if he had not renewed for next season ( i can understand) what I WOULD HAVE DONE IF I WAS THE SEATTLE owner is countered and asked for one of my minor league 1st rounders in my farm system .(since i was wiling to part with a pick) or quickly renewed and took the offer at that time!!!

I ask for 2 pieces to strengthen my team Rico and George Young (35) I offered Seth Sawyer(34 A- overall) and Mike Wise(35 A+ mentor and B+ overall)( he ask to go back to the American league) and my 1st round pick next year?? Just out of curiosity who would have tried to overturn that deal?? I keep hearing the teacher from Ferris Bueller's say ANYONE ANYONE ....

And oh don't forget to mention Bobby's Health FFFFF

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