Trade possibilities

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Trade possibilities

Post by BabyDoc » Sat Dec 30, 2017 4:43 pm

I apologize for my slow start In evaluating my team and your trade offers. I'm a pediatrician at ground zero of this year's heaviest flu outbreak.
But I will get there.
There are three Crush players listed for trading, but in truth I'm open to trading any of my hitters that are 30-32. They're not going to win any rings in Colorado, after all.
I'm not looking to move the 27-year-old pitchers, at least not yet.
Also, I don't believe in tanking, so I won't trade for something I think unlikely to help, just to improve my draft pick. I evaluate each imaginary trade as if I'm going to have to justify it to a knowledgeable imaginary fan base. I'd rather have one good contributor than a lot of marginal prospects.

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