Damon Carey demands trade

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Damon Carey demands trade

Post by larrysiegfried20 » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:39 pm

The seventh inning of the Minnesota Moonlighters was a fruitful inning for the home team. Minnesota began the inning trailing 3-1 but rallied to score five times in route to a 6-3 win in game one of this series. It was a joyous sight in the Moonlighters dugout when pinch hitter Amos Streuli hit a three run homerun during that inning off Washington ace righthander Snake Duncan. Everyone was celebrating except one man catcher Damon Carey, the man in the lineup that Streuli hit for.

Carey has good number offensively this season. In 37 games Carey has hit eight homeruns driven in twenty runs and batted .250/.769/.324.

Strueli and Carey are both catchers by trade, Carey started 27 games at first base making just one error there and catching in just seven games, starting five of those.

Most of his playing time came under previous management, who used him at first instead of Rick Beckert, who started the season slowing batting below .200 until a recent hot spurt put him solidly back in the picture. Ward also flourished under that lineup configuration, but he hasn't voiced his displeasure as heatedly, or more emphatically, than has Carey, who has demanded to be traded.

''Surely someone needs a good catcher'' he said ''and I am a good catcher if I ever could get into games as a catcher."

So if anyone is interested they should notify the Minnesota front office with an off. Can't have a discounted player mucking up the works when things are going s well for the team.

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