Tanking Washington

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Tanking Washington

Post by abadejo » Sat Jan 26, 2019 12:05 pm

I have sent below message to Washington:

You already had a shady trade, but now your are also badly tanking.
Stop or I will report...no need for one to spoil the game for the others...even if it is a free trial league.

This is what his pitching looks like now....resting all a players and playing C+...to get the highest pick.

Denny McLain Resting A- 32 C+ B R B+ A+ B+
Greg Maddux Resting A- 27 C+ F L B+ B+ A
Les Cain Resting B+ 21 C+ F L B B+ A-
Bret Saberhagen Resting B+ 33 C+ B- L B+ B- A
Tommy Hamilton C+ 24 D+ F R 1st Starter A- A- D
Dick Falsey C+ 20 F F R 2nd Starter B- A D
Jerry Spies C+ 21 A- F R 3rd Starter A- A- D-
Kurt Tingley C 21 A- F L 4th Starter A+ B D
John Jarvis C+ 20 A- F R 5th Starter C- A D

Ubaldo Heredia Resting A 22 D- F R D- A+ A-
Joe Coleman Resting A- 27 A+ F R C B+ A+
Bill Mirabelli B 24 A F L Long Relief A B- A- B-
Dizzy Trout B+ 27 C F R Long Relief B A B A-
Isidro Marquez B+ 25 C F L Middle Relief B C+ B- A
Diomedes Dickson B 25 A- F R Setup Man C B+ B-

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Re: Tanking Washington

Post by wcl » Sat Jan 26, 2019 4:02 pm

Thanks, Abadejo, for your honest observations. I had sent an e-mail quite a few days ago, had second thoughts, and then deleted it. (The message title is still posted.) My gripe is that Compton, who is a good guy, started "tanking" with over fifty games left in the season...kind of a waste, I think. At the time, the draft picks weren't even posted. He has most likely the first and second picks in the '51 draft, and there are two really good players available. Truthfully...his trade with the LA club is peculiar...especially with regard to the amateur draft (Picks 5,4,3,2 for #1.) Maybe the LA owner is naive and easily fooled. I have ALWAYS enjoyed competing against Compton, but he is cagey and you must watch his every move. I think he pulled a fast one on LA. Sorry Compton.

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