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Trade Vote

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 8:36 am
by Admin
There have been 3 votes to overturn recent trade:
Trade #1126 has been completed between the Seattle PILOTS and the New York Metros. The New York Metros receive Stan Stout, Pete Dibut from the Seattle PILOTS in exchange for Bill Jimenez.

Please take a moment to vote on this trade if you haven't already at ... =37019.[br][/br]
I ask that you refrain from discussing trades. Nothing positive ever comes from this. Anyone discussing any trades publicly may have their posting privileges revoked.

So if you feel this complaint is without merit, please simply vote to allow the trade to stand.

IMPORTANT: Please remember that not all trades are equal, and not all inequal trades should be overturned. A trade should only be overturned if there is bad faith on the part of one or both of the teams involved. If both teams get something they need out of the trade and neither party is taking advantage of an unaware trading partner, the trade should stand. Overturning a trade may not be used as a strategic option.

If either of the two owners involved in this deal would like to comment on the deal, please reply to this thread stating the facts or reasons for this trade without emotion or being argumentative.