Flanker vs Split End vs Slot

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Flanker vs Split End vs Slot

Post by irishman35 »

I've been back for a couple months now. My first team made playoffs for first time in a while. My 2nd team had average age of about 32 with no talent so that's a complete rebuild.
One thing I never really figured out in the past and am playing around with different combos now is how to decide who to play at flanker versus who to play at split end. I can't really seem to get a handle on if it even makes a difference. Is it better for speed for one or the other? Agility? Execution? Seems like some games it randomly throws to one or the other a lot more. Even with same game plan. Even against the same team in same division in same year. I understand if the other team is playing zone, or man to man and what their talent level is will make a difference.

Also what are your thoughts on what type of receiver should be in slot. I have been kind of going with the theory a high agility guy should be there. Kinda a Cole Beasley type guy. Though results have been mixed.

Would appreciate any feedback or thoughts on these.

PS. Why the heck does my team hand it to the fullback all the time about 1 or 2 games a season. Its like the sim gets stuck on handoff to the fullback sometimes. Anybody else feel that way. Especially on first down. Had a game recently the FB got the ball on first down on 5 of my first 6 first down carries. I always draft blockers. MIght have to rethink that a little.
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Re: Flanker vs Split End vs Slot

Post by ZenixSaxzon »

The Slot receiver is the guy who makes plays in the middle of the field usually & will normally do more cutting action plays. Slants, 7 routes, etc. I haven't found that THIS game is realistic, BUT I still make my team as realistic as I can - despite mixed results. That means you want a guy with high agility first, then execution/hands/speed.

Execution is something you need for all positions so I'm not going to put it as a "priority" on lists. The Split End runs deep routes, short slants and things associated with that. Typically, they are long, deep speed guys, the playmakers. Think Mike Wallace who replaced Santonio Holmes. Plaxico Burress and Nate Washington also played this position in the past. The Steelers churn out good WR's. Brute speed & hands is what I go for here.

The Flanker is your all around guy. He plays in the slot & needs to make defenders miss tackles. So you know what stat to look for here. Brk Tackle - Agility, hands, then speed.

Again, you can do this but don't expect a major change in your offense. I have found no correlation to stats, plays, & production. It's all random based on my calculations. In fact - the less I try, the better my teams seem to do. Good luck!
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