Value of draft picks

Ask for or give help with trade offers, coach point distribution, draftee rankings, or anything else specific to team strategy.
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Value of draft picks

Post by par565 »

Has anybody attempted to create a draft pick value chart?

Curious if there are any thoughts on the 'cost' to move up in the draft. For example, in a 24 team league, if I'm pick 20 and want to move up to pick 10, should the cost be a mid second round pick (#30-40)? Another low first round pick (#20-24)?

Wonder if it makes any sense to use published draft pick value charts based on real life sports (NFL or MLB) as a proxy, or if the distribution of value in draft classes here is radically different. Appreciate any insight offered.
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Re: Value of draft picks

Post by MDorf »

I think it would be virtually impossible to do it with any accuracy. Some people can't bear to part with any 2nd round pick, and others like myself spend them freely. Then there's the question of if the draft pool has been released. It is completely draft dependent once the pool is there. If not, you could possible come up with something. The value of picks is a very steep bell curve, though. I'm not moving back from 10 to 20 for less than a future first, and only then if I've seen the draft and think I can get something of value with that 20th pick.
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Re: Value of draft picks

Post by Vytron »

I'm willing to bet you 2 to 1 that you can't predict if the next draft pool is going to be great, or garbage, so any value of the drafts picks will be unknown. But probably on the low value side.
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Re: Value of draft picks

Post by gannable »

Depends on the league,

In a league with missing owners and/or NPC's who don't know how to draft, I wind up getting worthwhile prospects with 2nd and even 3rd round picks. In one league, 2 of my top 3 starters are 3rd and 4th round picks.
Now, I'm not saying I'd put value on 3rd or 4th round picks; but frankly, in a couple of my leagues I don't like trading even a playoff 2nd because I know the odds will be that I'll get a prospect who could become something with proper CPs'
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Re: Value of draft picks

Post by WillyD »

Typically, you'll need to give up at least 2 late first rounds picks to move up to the front half of the 1st round. That's in your average draft class.

To move up into the top 5 it could take a mid round pick and 2 more first rounders. It's always situational, so it's impossible to have any sort of a chart.
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Re: Value of draft picks

Post by ballmark »

Agreed. Too many variables.

The depth of the amateur class.
The depth of the pick being offered (where the current team is in the standings).
• And this is relative depending on what part of the season you're in (are you moving up or down?)
The number of active owners in the league (the ones paying attention, anyway).

When it's advised to give up x-number of picks, sometimes that can be packaged in the form of players who are first or second round quality, but only if the other team can see a need for them. I find this a lot :arrow: a trading partner who can only see the value of what he/she is getting (when they are the ones offering). Show me an owner who can see the deal from **my** side of the equation and I'll show you a trading partner to be treasured.
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