Who plays 2B vs. LHP?

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Who plays 2B vs. LHP?

Post by Hamilton2 » Sat Aug 01, 2020 3:08 pm

I'm debating between starting Bill Clark or Ira Robertson at 2B vs. LHP. These two players are virtually identical opposites.

Clark has 100 Contact with 62 Power. Ira has 62 contact and 100 power. Based on that information alone, it is clear that Robertson is a superior option. Ira also has a speed advantage 68 vs. 59, which can have a big impact on the hitting numbers. AND, Clark had the job last year and posted an OPS of less than .600 which is hardly ideal.

However, Clark's fielding is a 54/69 vs. Ira's abysmal 39/44. I can honestly say that I'm embarrassed by my middle IF defense on this team; but, true to my stance, I want hitting first.

I'm open to ideas and opinions from you all, along with your rationale. I think that Ira's power will mitigate the problems posed by his defense.

I am not currently starting McElvey vs. LHP because of his 22 health. I want him in the lineup vs. RHP as much as possible. Judging from his career L/R splits and his success for us over the past 3 seasons, I intend to keep him out of my vs. Lefty lineups to get periodic rest and maximize his contributions where it counts.

Thoughts? Ideas?

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Re: Who plays 2B vs. LHP?

Post by MDorf » Sat Aug 01, 2020 5:08 pm

Of the current options available, I would play Robertson. What I would probably do, though, is see what I could trade for on the cheap. Fontenot from Baltimore, Murphy from Cincy, Bowerman from Colorado, and Simmons from NYN all seem like they shouldn't cost too much and would be an upgrade.

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Re: Who plays 2B vs. LHP?

Post by tworoosters » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:55 pm

What about Blowers ? I think his speed & defense make him a better option than Clark & while I'm all infavour of offense over defense the fact is Robertson's defense is horrific.

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