Football logos lacking

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Football logos lacking

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There is a butt load of creative people playing the game...Just think of the of helmet logos we could choose from if the entire site were enticed to submit their idea. The top 3 designs would receive a free season, but all submitted could be used site wide.

Most of the current logos look like they were made by a toddler with a handful of crayons.
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Re: Football logos lacking

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I know this is a three year old thread, but in the next update I have around 200 new logos to add to the system, and a lot of the older ones have been upgraded.

Fun fact: the logos were the first thing created for the game (on a computer at least, basics on the actual sim filled a notepad) way back when it was just a glimmer in my eye around 2002. They consisted mostly of clip art included with CorelDRAW 8 (my favored art software at the time) and a few I drew myself (and my mouse drawing skills were not great then). They were created at a lower resolution, as 1024x768 was the highest screen resolution at the time.

In the intervening years, the rise in eSports has caused an explosion in the number of quality sport logos on the sites I license images from. Not only has this let me add many new logos to the system but also replace older logos that are poorly drawn or I can no longer determine the licensing status (i.e. I can't remember where I got them). There are hundreds, possibly thousands, such logos available; however, few are ready to use. Most need to be tweaked to be usable in the game (mostly to be usable at the sizes in the game, or to remove extraneous elements). Then they need to be tagged in the database, sized to fit the helmets properly, uploaded and tested. This all takes more time than you would expect but it averages 20 minutes or so per logo.

In addition, the helmets themselves look much better; I threw out all the old helmet images and rebuilt them all from scratch from properly licensed high-resolution images. In the process, the helmet builder was rebuilt from scratch and now allows for 100 helmet color options, 28 face mask colors, 13 inner stripe and 18 outer stripe colors, two finishes (gloss or matte), and five undercoat options (no undercoat, metallic, and three patterns (carbon fiber, hexes, and tessellated (triangles))).

You may ask "Why are you spending all this time and effort on unimportant things like helmets and logos?". It's a valid question. When I write code, I get to a point where I burn out and have to step away from it for a bit; when I have those moments, I go work on some logos for a bit until I am ready to tackle code options again.

"When will these improvements be ready?" is the next logical question. I intended to have them implemented by summer last year; however, heart surgery, a divorce, and COVID have all gotten in the way. Football is being redesigned basically from the ground up. The helmet builder is at least partially dependent on some of the new code; the logos, however, can be dumped over to the main site really at any time. I wanted it to all go out as one big shiny update but I have no idea how much longer that might be so I will get at least the new logo graphics installed by this weekend.
Just think of the of helmet logos we could choose from if the entire site were enticed to submit their idea.
We have a handful of logos that were submitted by an owner... unfortunately I do not remember who it was and I am pretty sure they are no longer on the site. The main issue with taking submissions is of course intellectual property rights; we can't use something that has just been bashed together from pictures on the Internet. It has to be an original drawing or using components we can license without paying royalties per view.

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Re: Football logos lacking

Post by Nightwalker »

How about a logo that shows a new letter for helmets. Using players initials.
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