Offensive Linemen Primary Position Switch

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Offensive Linemen Primary Position Switch

Post by Ironmen » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:54 pm

I would like to see the possibility of having an offensive lineman's primary position be able to be changed so that there wouldn't be a penalty because of playing him out of position. It's already in the SIM that, while still in college, his position has been altered. Example: The college changes him from a guard to a tackle, center to a tackle, guard to center, etc.

The criteria to allow his primary position to be changed would be the sole responsibility of the team that has him.
He would have to start for the entire season playing out of position, suffering the penalty for the whole season.
The position switch would have to be declared at the beginning of the regular season, it can't be changed, and his position can only be changed once during his entire career.
The minimum number of starts would be 16 games with all playoff games excluded.

If he's injured during that season, he would have to start the following season for the number of games (starting with game #1) he missed the season before, until he has started for the full total of 16. Again, playoff games would not count.
Preseason games would never count.

That way, teams that don't make the playoffs could still take advantage of this benefit, should they choose.
This fact happens all the time in the NFL and should be available with this SIM to add to the realism.

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Re: Offensive Linemen Primary Position Switch

Post by Admin » Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:54 pm

Here's what I think I want to do:

Any player will be able to change to any position. At the end of every season, the number of times a player has been played at a particular position and the number of position training weeks at a particular position will be looked at, and the player will change to that position in the offseason, with a temporary Execution hit that will heal about a third of the way into the new season. The old position will become a secondary position, and the player will play the secondary position at 80-90% of normal. The player's salary will be the higher of the two positions (to keep this from being abused).

I need to look at this to make sure it can't be easily abused, though.

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Re: Offensive Linemen Primary Position Switch

Post by Ironmen » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:46 pm

I offer the following suggestions:

The position change is a declared and one-time only option, available in a player's first two years only.

Offensive lineman can exchange positions.
Defensive lineman can exchange positions.
Defensive backs can exchange positions.
Linebackers and defensive ends can exchange positions.
Fullbacks and tight ends can exchange positions.
Halfbacks and wide receivers can exchange positions.
Quarterbacks and halfbacks can exchange positions.
Kickers and punters can exchange positions.

The execution penalty is enforced for the first 12 games of the season.

The players new salary will be in line with the following:
The average of the total of the new player's position by ranking:

A guard is declared to be changing to the center position.
There are 7 A- ranked centers already in the league
Their salaries are: 5700, 4100, 3700, 3300, 2500, 1700, 900
Their total salaries add up to 21900
Divide by 7 and the player's new salary starts at 3128, to be enforced the following season after qualifying for his new position.

Since it is solely on the decision of each individual owner of whether a player's primary position should be changed, it's their final responsibility
of whether it should be done, since the attributes vary in priority for each position. No reversal of a player's new position is allowed.

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