Texas Climbing on Rebuild Train

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Texas Climbing on Rebuild Train

Post by ballmark » Sat Sep 07, 2019 7:47 am

The Lonestars don't make the playoffs often and we tend not to get far when we do. But there ya have it. It's probably in our playoff settings somewhere. Advice is not solicited, but always welcomed.

Annnnnyway .... me and my one good eye (the other one is still a red, aggravated hot mess that provides vision much akin to someone smearing a huge gob of Vaseline over a camera lens=it's useless until the surgical work drains out of it) wants to announce that while we could probably attempt one more run with our pitching and handful of solid hitters, we're going to tear this thing down and start promoting our young hitting.

What we need in return is some good young pitchers to replace the **seven** we're putting up for trade: early-to-mid 20s, please. (I hate long rebuilds.) Of course, picks and prospects in addition to the main course as throw ins always sway me as tiebreakers if I have two similar offers. Heh.

Listen carefully :arrow: there are only TWO players I would prefer not to trade, though I might in the right deal because I hate to eat my words.
SP Wilbert Kryhoski (I'd like to think he'll be the Elder Statesman on the new team)
C Bill Heiserman

Everybody else I'll put on the Trade Desk w/some sort of comment, snarky or otherwise.

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