2228: On the Beach in L.A.

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2228: On the Beach in L.A.

Post by ballmark » Fri Sep 27, 2019 5:12 pm

First off a big thank you to Eli (ptech) for his marvelous job of doing the year-end wrap up and review while I was recovering from eye surgery three weeks ago. Secondly, a tip o'the hat to Todd (todd999430) for chaperoning the Baltimore franchise after Leonard moved on to greener pastures. Finally, welcome to nextyearcubs, new owner in Baltimore and a long time SimD player (guy has 102 pages of posts in the old league forum from 2003 to 2015 so yeah, he's experienced!) who will be making the AL even tighter than it was this year in no time, I'm sure. Welcome once again!


We start this year with the Los Angeles Smog, winner of 113 games, most during our regular season. That's down seven from last year but let's just take a moment to recognize Johnny (tigersback) for those 120 wins in 2227. They were the most franchise victories for the Smog, EVER, under *any* owner. Congrats, man! This year they posted 10 players to the All Star team roster, had the NL Rookie of the Year, and lost only one game in the NLCS to second place Philly, and they even managed to make a pair of trades this season on their way to the World Series.

The team they beat in the NLCS is next. The Knuckleheads in Philly won 106 times, a whopping +16 over last year so I think it's safe to say they've arrived, as they haven't won this many games since 2215. Six All Stars, 80% of the MVP nominees (including the winner), and the #2 vote getter in the Cy Young race were the earmarks of this team. A quartet of trades this season brought them young pitchers and hitters so they will be in these write-ups for awhile, methinks.

Moving to the Junior Circuit, Tampa Bay took the regular season crown for the second year in a row in a hotly contested race with 101 wins, seven off last year's pace. They counted five All Stars and the AL MVP, whom they acquired from Arizona in an early season deal. It was the only trade they made this year, but it was a significant one. This is the fourth out of the past five seasons the Beach have been in the postseason, and they've gone to the World Series each time. Quite a feat!

Rounding out the playoff picture were the Texas Lonestars, who announced a rebuild and then reached the playoffs. When asked how this was possible, Lonestar GM Manny Fields quoted the lovable character Philip Henslowe from the movie Shakespeare in Love, "How? I don't know, it's a mystery!" The team won 94 games, two **more** than last year, when they were intentionally competing, after a 20 game letdown from the season before. They managed four All Stars but no one was surprised when they were swept in the ALCS.


As I write, it's late afternoon Friday and Tampa Bay, with their backs against the wall in a "win or the season's over" scenario, have just defeated the Smog 2-1 to keep their World Series hopes alive and send things back to Los Angeles for the final two games with L.A. up 3 games to 2. The Beach are looking for their second title under BlondeBombshell and the Smog are looking for their second Series win in a row and 10th franchise title. Good luck to both squads!


Kansas City = +32
Team went from an "also ran" to a solidly +.500 club. From zero All Stars last year to five this year, including the AL Cy Young and the AL ROY. I'm giving Andy (ashuran9) the AL Manager of the Year Award.

Milwaukee = +25
Wowsers! This team continues to confound me with their +/- years. Bipolar much? But one of these years they are going to put it all together and come roaring outta the pack. We'll award Dave (postal99) the NL MOY trophy.

Cincinnati = +15
Cincy was successful in dealing some of their veterans this season and they moved up in the Standings but remained shut out on the All Star front, though RP Jose McCullers made a good showing in the FOY race. It's still a youth movement in progress.

Los Angeles AL = +11
A +20 game swing from two years ago. Eli said they could contend this year. He was right! (Finished third, just two games from a playoff spot.)

Baltimore = +2
The big news over in Maryland is a new owner with intentions to rebuild the club (yet again) but this time fans have high hopes; the team hasn't been a serious contender since the 22-teens.

San Francisco = +2
The Quakes climbed one spot in the NL Standings as their rebuild continues, continued to land just one All Star on the team, and this year they added a 23-year old RP as the #5 vote getter in the FOY race. A sign of good things to come for the team.

Atlanta = <1>
The Thrashers are quietly, under the radar, building a solid team of quality young players with a huge stable of SP they'll be able to deal for what they need or use for years to come, if they don't die on the vine for lack of coaching or playing time.

Pittsburgh = <6>
Made the playoffs last year and still hella dangerous if heart of offense doesn't age out.

Cleveland = <12>
The Cuyahoga made a valiant effort this season but finally decided to call in the dogs, put out the fire, throw in the towel, and spit out their gum, announcing a rebuild toward the end of the season and putting their top hurler up for sale.

New York AL - <12>
A disappointing slip of 12 games after last year's +10 but they win the top pick in the draft as a consolation prize. No All Stars once again but the #2-#3 vote getters in the ROY, making four top five rookie of the year candidates in just two seasons. This will be a team for the ages once they're done cooking.

Boston = <16>
Also a playoff team last year; likely a victim of brutal luck this year. Could def bounce back.

Arizona = <44>
After losing 28 games off win total in '27, team collectively said, "we can do worse!" and proceeded to prove it, aiming for the #1 draft pick and just falling short. They did, however, complete five deals this year that have landed them two extra #1 picks in the upcoming draft, for a total of three first round selections. Arizona will be back with a vengeance when they return.


Good luck to all in the coming season and may ABE be kind in your OS!

-- Mark

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Re: 2228: On the Beach in L.A.

Post by frankum » Sat Sep 28, 2019 3:26 pm

Great run, Tampa Bay! You’ll be in the WS again for the next 4 or 5 years in a row and get the championship your team deserves.

Thanks for the write up as always, Mark!

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Re: 2228: On the Beach in L.A.

Post by connorf » Sun Sep 29, 2019 9:37 pm

Great write up as always. I enjoyed section on my team haha

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