2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

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2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

Post by ptech » Sat Mar 14, 2020 4:00 am

This post season saw some changes from the previous couple of years...

The ALCS was one that started off with a thud, as Texas fell behind 3-0, but the Lonestars fought back and made it a 6 game series. The closer-than-expected tilt was eventually won by the NY Titans.

In the NLCS, the newly returned to the Big Stage AZ club surprised us all, and beat up Brooklyn, in a 4-1 series win, which included 4 straight wins by the Heatwave. One could say....a hot stretch.

Sadly for Arizona, this winning streak came to a quick halt at the hands of NY. The Titans won a fairly tidy 4-1 series and have taken home their first title in 13 years.

Playoff team recaps-

Brooklyn 116-46 These guys raced away with the NL, outscoring the opposition by a beastly 342 runs. The Beasts featured 8 all-stars, the CY Young (Jimmy Dash) and all 5 of the top MVP slots, with Sterling Pepper being the winner.

Arizona 99-63 AZ passed my knuckling team on the last day of the year, and carried that momentum to their first WS appearance in 9 seasons. AZ gave us 4 all-stars this year.

New York 115-47 New York dominated the AL while getting to the postseason for the second straight year. NYA was lead by Masayuki Nishisa who was both the AL-ROY and MVP. They boasted an additional 7 all-stars and the Cy Young runner-up.

Texas 111-51 The Lonestars made their first PS appearance since 2228, largely on the back of a monster season by Wilbert Kryhoski, whose 29 wins (and obvious CY Young selection) puts him in so....wait....what?...A fricking tie for 3rd for the most wins in a season? Well slap my butt and call me Gumby! Besides the Gumby making aforementioned pitcher, Tex gave us 4 all-stars.

Now for those of us who weren't so lucky (or good)...

The American League

Los Angeles 95-67 (+1) The Twins continue to win, even if it doesn't always result in a post season birth. 9 straight years of 90+ wins is quite a run. This year, the city of angels produced 8 all-stars.

Tampa Bay 77-85 (-17) No day at the beach, for TB as the rebuild really begins. Tampa gave us 2 all-stars and the ROY runner up, who would have been the winner in many seasons.

Chicago 75-87 (-20) Perhaps last years 95 win season was a bit of a surprise, but this club has plenty of youth to move forward with. The NextYearCubs had 2 all-stars suit up this season.

Kansas City 71-91 (+1) KC is a team in mid-rebuild who continues to produce, even in their circumstances, admirably competitive squads. KC produced no all-stars this season.

Cleveland 54-108 (+7) Cleveland's rebuild is starting to produce some early results. They're a couple years away, but they'll be coming for the rest of the AL soon enough. NO AS representatives for the fighting river-fires this year.

Boston 50-112 (+1) Boston is another team deep in a rebuild mode, but they're early into the process. Time will tell where this team goes. No AS players for the beantown boys.

The National League

Philadelphia 98-64 (-1) That minus one is a significant one, as Philly blew a two game lead with 8 games to play, leading to their 3rd third place finish in 4 years. Knuckleheads indeed. The Knucks produced 4 all-stars.

Milwaukee 88-74 (+8) The Marauders bullied their way to 8 extra wins, and announced themselves as a legit force in the NL. Mil gave us a remarkable seven all-star memebers.

Atlanta 80-82 (-9) ATL took a step back, but it looks like a small slip. This is a talented team despite not having any all-stars. They'll be back.

Cincinnati 76-86 (+24) The Redlegs took a GIANT leap forward, bolstered by a big mid-season move. Lets see if they continue the momentum into next year. The Redlegs gave us one AS representative.

Los Angeles 60-102 (-46) That minus 46 is a big number. But another big number is the 13 post season appearances. The rebuild is on! No all-stars from the city of angels (national league verity)

Pittsburgh 31-131 (-4) this team is in a very deep, very serious rebuild. The Pirates have already begun to collect some very talented young players and the future is starting to look bright. Not all-stars for the Burgh.

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Re: 2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

Post by ballmark » Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:34 am

GREAT job on **very** short notice, Eli!! I appreciate it so much! And congratulations to Chris and the Titans! As well as the other playoff managers. And to everyone else, thanks for continuing to make the SYL one of your Sim homes.

I have been extra busy lately, and though my work schedule gives me a three day weekend, this particular weekend work and family commitments have pretty much chewed up all three days, except very early and very late.

Stay safe, be a public germophobe, and pray for the quick passing of Covid-19 into that good night so MLB can get back to business!

And again, GREAT job, Eli! Thanks!!

-- Mark

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Re: 2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

Post by Owenatkinson » Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:40 am

Thanks for the update and congrats to the playoff teams!

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Re: 2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

Post by connorf » Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:18 pm

Thanks for the great write up. Congrats NY

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Re: 2236 Wrap Up (stand-in version)

Post by coachcfb1 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 8:24 pm

Thanks for the write up and all that you and ballmark do for the league. Pittsburgh has a few more seasons before we are going to be back, but when we get back, we will be very strong. Our minor leagues are stacked, just wish I had more CP's to give :)

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