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Try an edit league!

Post by Brutalkid » Mon Sep 17, 2018 2:06 pm

The Mordecai Brown League is the only edit league on site and currently has some openings.

The edit process happens every off season and owners can use edits to modify players in ways that you can't do in any other Sim Dynasty league.

Some examples of edits are:

Duplicate Draftee
Owner can have any single player drafted at pick #5 or below duplicated and added to their team.

Endurance Boost
+20 endurance to any pitcher(s). Can be distributed among multiple players. Maximum of +15 to any single pitcher.

Swap Or Blend Skills
Take a player and average out his improvable skills. For hitters, contact, power, and speed will be averaged and range will be averaged with arm. Pitchers can have their control and velocity averaged. Alternatively, owners can choose to swap the contact/power numbers for hitters and velocity/control numbers for pitchers. With the swap, the higher skills will lose 2 points each. For blend any overflow that doesn't divide evenly will go where I feel it is best (power, speed for hitters, control for pitchers).

There are 16 different edits in all. The entire list can be found in the MBL message boards.

If interested take one of the teams that are listed, or send me a u2u. I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Thanks, BK

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