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Post by Cueball899 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 8:10 am

Since the changes to the center position, making the center much more important, have you made changes to the draft so that there will be better options at the center position? As of now, in the FHFL the seniors and juniors are horrible. The sophomores has a couple and the freshman have a handful of centers that could be promising.

Just wondering if there will be the right amount of good centers coming out of the draft as there are usually not that many?

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Re: Centers

Post by Admin » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:47 pm

I think the centers are actually fine but the ratings calculation for them may not be as correct as it should be.

On the baseball side, ratings are very simple and straightforward. But occasionally the numbers can come together in a way that make an average player look much better than he is.

Football has the opposite problem. I try to weigh each part of the rating by how much the position actually uses it, and to what the expected range of the rating for that position. A good example is Agility. Agility is part of the rating for almost every position (I think only kickers and punters don't include it); however, even the most agile Guards are not going to be as agile as a Running Back. So that portion of the rating is scaled to mean agility that is good "for a Guard".

The changes in Center importance are not going to affect most Centers; they will, however, affect players playing out of position at Center.

One of the features in the next update is a complete rebuild of Fumbles, so they can happen on any play (right now they only happen on kick returns and rushing plays). Because of this, we have an average of 0.5 fumbles per game which is much lower than the real average of 2.5 fumbles per game. So when the next update comes online, Centers will start having bad snaps, about 1 out of every 700 snaps for a true center but more like 1 out of every 200 for out of position Centers.

As I am going through this, I'll look carefully at Centers and see if they need to be adjusted or if the rating calculation needs to be adjusted.

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