2055 bka the Quiet Season on Any Thread Posting

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2055 bka the Quiet Season on Any Thread Posting

Post by Maze » Thu Nov 14, 2019 6:27 pm

As Commish,

I take partial blame. Unfortunately, I've had more problems more than ever on me desktop. Broken On/OFF button was out quite sometime among other things. Plus, the (I believe) Chinese hackers who continue to call and block me calls is a problem tool. Yeah. me daughter said I need to get a new one. If we had it like that, I wouldn't be going through the hacker BS.

This WBL season saw in the NL a competitive race until August. A quiet year in trading has made making moves hard for those that itch to make a splash. Unlike past drafts, this one has more players to help upgrade teams for the 2056 season.

While teams sit on their strategy, the future looks bright in the AL for Seattle and New York. In the NL, Cincinnati and the Metal Gods are rising to compete for the post-season.

St. Louis should be favored to take the title at 5-2.
Followed by Boston at 4-1.
Baltimore is at 8-1
San Diego is at 15-1

Experience seems to play a major role in the post-season. While Boston has been hit by injuries, their squad is deep. The question is, is the team finally fading?
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Re: 2055 bka the Quiet Season on Any Thread Posting

Post by pecker247 » Thu Nov 14, 2019 8:40 pm

Boston has 5 seasons left. Build around that. I am rebuilding in 3 years. Build around that and if you want someone let me know because I will be rebuilding soon.

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Re: 2055 bka the Quiet Season on Any Thread Posting

Post by WillyD » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:19 am

We won't be a powerhouse, but like peck said, we'll be in the race for 4 or 5 more seasons. Our younger core of Storie, Lockman, Reid, Kosco, Termper, Sagmoen, Harris, and Jackson should be good enough, with some decent support pieces mixed in, to contend. As my older vets age, we'll replace them thru trades.

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