Monthly Splits

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Monthly Splits

Post by GM33 »

I think Monthly Splits could be a useful addition to the existing L/R and H/A Splits.

Obviously players in Sim will not have any real tendency to perform better or worse in certain months as in real baseball, but would be interesting to observe trends in any given year - and probably more importantly (and what got me thinking of this) would help provide a better indication of how players perform after trades made in-season.

Another which could be interesting, but not as important I think, would be "Vs Team" Splits.
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Re: Monthly Splits

Post by eragon »

would be really cool
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Re: Monthly Splits

Post by LTJaeger »

I've thought the same for both categories many a time. "Vs team" splits would be especially interesting to see if PlayerX really does hit .500 against me, as it sometimes seems. :-)
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