More 24 Team Leagues

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More 24 Team Leagues

Post by Maze »

With so many 16-team leagues with more than two openings, why shouldn't there be more combined leagues to formulate more 24-team leagues? Several leagues are operating on BOTS. Personally, I would not join a league with 3 or more BOTS. Especially in a 16-team league.
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Re: More 24 Team Leagues

Post by GoYanksGo »

Strongly agree. My preference (all else equal) is 24 teams over 16 teams anyway, but regardless of league size it's unappealing to join a league with several dynasty bots. Merging leagues would help cut down on the number of openings per league, and likely make the teams that are available more attractive for new owners.
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Re: More 24 Team Leagues

Post by Leonard »

I avoid 24 team leagues. Many leagues could be combined to form 16 team leagues that are full but many owners are against it because they don't want to lose league records or can't agree on what system to use etc.
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Re: More 24 Team Leagues

Post by ballmark »

On a cursory glance of available Dynasty League teams, the Ty Cobb League and Reggie Jackson League are both 16 teams leagues. One has EIGHT vacancies and the other SIX. And there is at least one owner who plays in both leagues.

Seems like that one's a no-brainer for a simple 16-team league merger.

When the supply of vacancies outpaces the demand, mergers become necessary for the health of the site and business model. 24-team leagues grew out of this necessity and were a creative solution. Kudos to Admin for the coding work required to create them. The expanded playoff format did not completely quash tanking, of course, but it certainly did keep more owners invested in the season for a longer period of time. And due to more owners being involved, it IS - simply by virtue of the percentages - generally harder to build and maintain a dynasty in those leagues so they do tend to be more competitive.

In any league, you'll have your "sharks and guppies" (owners w/more experience building a winning franchise vs. those still learning the ropes) and so it goes, but in 24-team leagues, you tend to have a few more "sharks" in the mix so it's generally harder to consistently win there.
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Re: More 24 Team Leagues

Post by CJefcoat »

Both of my 24 team Leagues are consistently full and have not required Bots or many drive by owners. Maybe its just luck, but in the 4 years Ive been doing this game there have not been many issues.
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