Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

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Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by Maze » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:44 pm

Free of charge …

As an owner inside one of the most volatile leagues in regards to trades and crazy transactions. One must ask themselves a few questions. For example, how often does a player get traded multiple times in a season? How often do players live up to their stats once being traded? DO they get better or worse? When an owner trades so much, how good is it for the moral of the team? Knowing they're on the chop block even though not being listed?

What changes? To start, how about the player being unable to be traded until that player is placed on the trade block for a minimum of nine games. In other words, if I'm trying to sell the player, they must be placed on the trade block for nine games prior to being traded. If buying, one needs not to be on the trade block. Could have it universal though where all players being traded must be placed on the trade block before any deal is made. The hidden collusions by selective owners of not making star players avaialbe to all owners is a misstep by Sim Dynasty

Also, if a player is traded multiple times in a season, why should their rating stay the same? It's extremely rare for a player to be traded twice in a season. Therefore, only minor league players should be allowed to be traded multiple times (who could take a rating hit +/-) in a career. Once a player is acquired from the majors, then they should not be able to be traded again until the season is complete. Same with waiver wire pick ups. Once acquired, the player should not be able to be traded until the completion of the season. The rule should apply especially if a Protest has been overturned. Both players should take hits to their rating (mostly negative).

While this may be a stretch with the old school owners, Sim D should implement a variable feature on players taking a hit (+/-) in their rating once being traded to a team. For ex) for every 22 players traded, 7 take a major hit in their rating and go from A- to become a B+ … vice versa.

Another fix, there should be a few special players (be it late-bloomers or wisely vets who) who continue to rise in play past 40 years (rating variance).

Most owners do not have to deal with the WBL trading madness. Still, the above seems doable. Btw, Mark is a humble owner, but vicious trade hawk who always is pushing for star players. The trade block feature isn't enough. However, these measures level the playing field ...

Salute to the Sim D crew if can get this accomplish,

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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by Maze » Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:43 am

This player is on his 4th team in one season … What kind of madness is this?
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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by ballmark » Sat Jul 21, 2018 5:18 am

On the other hand, a solution for one league that ends up handcuffing dozens and dozens of other leagues is only going to result - generally - in ill feelings and loud complaints and end up driving more of the SimD customer base away from the game. What's good for the goose is not necessarily good for the gander.

The Wally Berger is, was, and probably forever shalt be a unique and isolated league all on its own with its own set of issues, freak situations, and wild unbefore seen stratagems that will continue to vex Admin and alternately amuse, horrify, and mostly baffle the rest of us. (And I played in the WBL for several seasons!)

Could the trading experience in SimD overall be improved? Undoubtedly. Is this the way to do it? Not for the greater population of the site, no. And to implement this idea would require many more hours of coding and testing than what SimD's meager programming resources would allow, methinks. Plus which, it's pretty much a WBL issue. And as any good Star Trek fan of Vulcan will tell you, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.
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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by WillyD » Sat Jul 21, 2018 4:10 pm

The WBL just needs a few more good owners to replace the few bad ones that are left, and the whole trade dynamic in the league changes...dramatically!

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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by reddogs » Sun Jul 29, 2018 12:09 pm

So if you have a season ending injury shortly before the trading deadline. Because of the " mandatory trade block rule" your proposing, it becomes impossible to replace him by trade and have the new player post season eligible?
No thank you!

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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by pecker247 » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:56 am

I would understand the point of view if the owner that was making these claims was an active owner who just missed out on some of the players he may of wanted. No offense Maze, but you don't make very many trades, you don't seem to offer anyone very many trades and when you do get trade offers you don't like you seem to block that owner from sending you future trades. As you call it.... A penalty....I do agree that it's unusual for a player to be on 4 different teams in a season, but that's also not the norm. Just like baseball you have your journeymen. I do like the idea of players over a certain age maybe not degrading so much. I have seen many players at age 38 have all star caliber years, but it's almost always the players that were A overall before their decline. Owners have the ability to trade as much or as little as they want, but in this game if you don't make trades you simply will not be successful for the long haul. The Wally Berger league in reality has gotten better and as the years go on it will continue to do so. WillyD is right by saying the more good owners in a league the less likely there will be issues and we have been seeing that in the league. Wally Berger is one of the most competitive leagues on the entire site right now with the introduction of some great owners. Maze I like some of your ideas about the older players, but would have to strongly disagree with some of your other ideas. I don't think it's good for the game. On a side note.... For whatever reason admin posted today in our league that "renting" players is against the rules. I noticed that this was only in the Wally Berger league. It's pretty obvious that no one has rented out any players at any time in the league so I don't know if this post or a private message to admit induced that post, but it's way off base and lucracris for anyone to think that.

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Re: Trading in Sim Dynasty Should Not Be the Same as Trading Stocks

Post by Admin » Mon Aug 27, 2018 9:48 pm

There are two schools of thought on this.

First is that there are some owners who just inundate other owners with trade offers, and it becomes "how do we put a stop to this?"

On the other hand, there are some owners to whom trading IS the game; they are all about the wheeling and dealing.

We put some control over this by giving you the ability to block trades from certain owners, but that doesn't help some players getting traded over and over.

Player "renting" is another issue altogether. That is when one player passes back and forth between the same owners. If I see a player traded to the same team by the same team (for example) three times in two seasons that is a huge red flag.

You also talked about "late bloomers"... our variable development leagues do have this feature. The variable development leagues are:

Amos Otis League
Andres Galarraga League
Billy Williams League
Bob Horner League
Cool Papa Bell League
Dale Murphy League
Dan Quisenberry League
Dave Winfield League
Gaylord Perry League
Hank Aaron League
Harold Baines League
Jeter Wood League
Jim Edmonds League
Kevin Brown League
Lou Brock League
Lou Whitaker League
Luis Aparicio League
Mark Fidrych League
Molitor Delahanty League
Murray Maddux League
Nettles Ruth League
Nomar Garciaparra League
Orlando Cepeda League
Ozzie Smith League
Phil Niekro League
Robin Yount League
Satchel Paige League
Ted Williams League
Tony Gwynn League
Vance Bostock Jr League
Vin Scully League
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