Suggestion for leagues with 5 or less players

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Suggestion for leagues with 5 or less players

Post by Johngarm70u » Mon Sep 09, 2019 4:33 pm

I have read quite a few comments and posts suggesting that there needs to be something done with the lack of players in some leagues. Maybe more leagues to drum up business and a few other ideas about contraction.

The Cap Anson league looks to be(voting soon) having a hard reset. After just experiencing a contraction draft and the excitement of it, I can imagine how fun the initial drafts are.

Here is my suggestion.

If any league drops below 6 players or a league vote of 75% if it drops below half of active owners will go through a hard reset.

League can be cloned for nostalgia. Something old owners can go back amd look at.

Any active team has the option to leave and have any team available in another league and refunded any time left.

Open the league up to be joined by anyone until filled and do a rest with an initial draft.

This is a win/win for everyone. The site gets the excitement of the reset and initial drafts. The owner of the site will get an influx of money and new subs and if interest eventually lags(which I doubt) the option remains to retire or contract.

This can be expanded to have a vote for rule changes if a group of players suggests it but I think ultimately keeping the rules for most resets would be easier.

Only thing I see that could be a downside is work involved by Admin and owners quitting existing leagues to be in the new ones. However the interest spikes and I think a lot of the leagues could use a reset.

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Re: Suggestion for leagues with 5 or less players

Post by lyle » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:18 am

Sounds good. I like the idea of contraction. Give end dates to a four or five old and empty leagues and create 2 brand new ones. It is fun being in leagues when you get to start at the beginning with that first 1950 draft. All history and records are reset and you create new. It has been way to long since a new D league was created...

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