no OS for waived players?

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no OS for waived players?

Post by dabigtrain » Thu Mar 12, 2020 10:25 am

Here's an oddity I just came across. Late in any season, when I bring up minor leaguers to rest the regulars, I almost always grab a couple of players off the WW to fill my minors. I mainly just don't like seeing ABE say "Missed improvment chance" - even though I know any improvement change one of these WW guys get will probably be wasted anyway.

So, last sim-September 2035 in the GGL, I grabbed these two guys. Neither of them actually got an IC, and when the season ended, I waived them again, making for a claim date of 4-1-2036.

BUT: because they were on waivers as of 11-1-2035, neither of them got any improves in the off-season, the way a player who is a free agent on that date would. 2035 is completely missing from their improves. Both of them are probably going to spend their careers on the WW anyway, but occasionally, you do come across a WW guy who is a worthwhile backup just because he got lucky on those sorts of improves. Seems like a logic failure in whatever code runs those OS improves for the WW.

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Re: no OS for waived players?

Post by Slvanlae » Fri Mar 13, 2020 5:19 am

Yes that is the case, You need to waive them right around or just before the first playoff game. They need to clear prior to playoffs ending and be back in the free agent pool when off season runs to receive "Major League" points.

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