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Dutch Leonard

Post by acnunnally » Sat Dec 28, 2019 8:35 am

I interrupt your regular voting deliberations with the following public service message (partially excerpted from the longer discussion in the REAL HOF pitching thread:

DUTCH LEONARD SHOULD BE ELECTED TO OUR HOF!!!! Stop what you're doing and consider/re-consider him!

Ignore the lower 223 W total and recognize that he had a career 3.13 ERA (18th All-Time!) and 1.17 WHIP (18th All-Time!) to go along with 2500+ K, a CYA, and a .603 W%. He was an All-Time GREAT by any objective measure, and it's really puzzling to me how he has been ignored in prior voting and is being ignored in the early returns this year with these kind of objectively outstanding rate stats. I so wish we had WAR as a metric for SimDynasty because it would help reflect his true value.

Think about it this way: His ERA was only 0.11 higher and his WHIP 0.03 higher than Chris Stephenson (http://simdynasty.com/player.jsp?id=11427110), who recorded 291 W for the Brooklyn juggernaut. Do you really think someone with that kind of comp doesn't belong in the HOF? The biggest difference between them is that Stephenson pitched a couple more seasons and played for a dynastic team for the ages. Do we want to draw a line between someone who is a consensus top 5 or 7 pitcher of all time in Stephenson and someone who comps so closely to him in Leonard?

PS - Our election rule is that anyone can amend their posted ballots until the ballots are tallied, so if anyone who's already voted wants to reconsider Leonard (or anyone else) based on discussions in the forum or an independent change of mind, they are free to do so. I'll announce a last call for ballots once it seems like those who intend to participate have cast ballots.

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