Important note on multiple accounts and rules

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Important note on multiple accounts and rules

Post by Admin » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:07 pm

The majority of the people on this site don't need this post. However, since a very tiny minority insist on making it necessary, it is required reading for everyone.

We have, for years, had rules against people having multiple accounts. the reasons we have this rule should be fairly obvious, but I will reiterate some of them. Multiple accounts are usually used to cheat, attack other players, spam the forums, cause problems in a league, or other generally antisocial behavior. There are a couple of people who have more than one account for legitimate purposes dating back to before the rules clarification, and that couple of owners are grandfathered in; there will be no others.

In addition, we have rules against being "obnoxious", with myself being the sole arbiter of that. This rule is an "anti-rule-lawyering" rule. For years we had people causing trouble who knew exactly where the line was, and would do the digital equivalent of a third grader sticking his finger a quarter inch from your nose saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you" only to call the teacher when he provokes a response and gets punched in the face. I have had to write so many times "I know it's irritating but he is not actually breaking any rules" too many times, and lost owners because of it. So whether or not an explicit rule is broken, if, in my judgement, you are doing something to cause problems, annoy others, etc, I may take actions anywhere from a warning to loss of forum access to expulsion from a league (without refund) or expulsion from the site(without refund).

So even though this catch-all rule allows me to take action without an explicit rule, let me make a few explicit:
  • Multiple accounts by one person are banned. Multiple accounts at the same household or company are allowed but you must announce to any leagues that multiple accounts are in what the relationship is to each other. And if the two accounts show a pattern (in my opinion) of working in concert, one or both will be removed even if there are separate people behind the keyboard.
  • Creating an account only to access the forum is not allowed. The exception is that a new owner can ask questions before creating a team, but if a new account has not created or purchased a team within a few days and is active on the forum other than asking questions it will likely be removed and/or banned.
  • Stay out of leagues you aren't in unless you have something constructive to add or questions about joining. If you participate in the forum of another league in any way that is negative or annoying, or if the Commish or Admin asks you not to post there for any reason, then any further posts to that league will likely result in a forum ban. Yes, I can ban you just from that forum but if that effort is necessary then I'm probably better off just removing the offender from the forum.
  • Posting in a way to imitate another owner or creating accounts with a similar name to another owner to insult, deride, annoy or harrass them (in my judgement) will likely result in an instant ban.
And finally:
  • I HATE MAKING THESE POSTS. I am here to create a fun experience and develop the game. So if you decide to try to find where the edges of the rules are, you will be dealing with a very irritated Admin, so making demands or trying to be able to keep up the problem behavior will not be viewed well.
Thank you for reading this, and I apologize to the vast majority of you that have never caused the slightest problem that I have had to spend time and energy dealing with this and having to tighten the rules.

To help us serve you better, please use the support system for all questions or problems. PMs should NEVER be used. The Support system is always read before PMs.

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