I'm Back

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I'm Back

Post by GrubDawg2 »

Grubdawg is back after having the time now to commit to producing a winning team. Glad to see the league I started still going and proud to be a part of it again.
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Re: I'm Back

Post by Ironmen »

SO glad you're back Grub!!!

Now, all we need is 3 more if you could help out recruiting 3 more new owners.

You nailed 15 in the "genesis" season!

I think I was your first!
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Re: I'm Back

Post by cubfan »

Welcome home grubdawg to where you belong. We have several of the same original owners you recruited years ago plus several solid new ones who've joined us along the way. Glad you're back!
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Re: I'm Back

Post by lancereisen »

Glad to have you. :D
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