All Streaks must end sometime...but wait!!!

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All Streaks must end sometime...but wait!!!

Post by basilrathbonejr » Mon Nov 12, 2018 9:09 pm

Seattle ran its winning streak to eleven before losing game three of a three game series with Oakland. Oakland had their trade with Cleveland reversed but Ernie Morton returned to get a key that late in that third game. Life goes on.

The new streak on the block is the Los Angeles Scimitars six game winning streak. Their record is now 11-10 after winning six straight.

Oakland salvaged the third game after dropping game one 6-2 and were blown out in game two 9-2 in Seattle. The A's will be waiting for the next series with great anticipation.

Oakland took the lead early on a two out - two run homerun by third baseman Bob Bailey in the first inning. It was Bailey's sixth homerun of the season, tops in the American League. Bailey victimized Seattle starting pitcher Eddie Kretlow.

Kretlow has allowed three homeruns in 30.2 innings pitched this season.

2-0 Oakland.

Three innings later the A's doubled their advantage without the long ball. Clyde Dedrick, back at first base permanently, singled to center field. Second baseman Sammy Hale grounded out to third baseman, Ernie Martinez. Oakland had a hit and run play on and thus stayed out of the double play. Dedrick slid into second base safely. The next batter, Bill Woodward, singled to right field driving in Dedrick.
Joey Brede walked. Pitcher Al Newkirk bunted poorly and forced Woodward at third base - Kretlow to Martinez. Two outs. Brede to second... Newkirk to first. Bill Dettmer singled to right field to drive in Brede. Cowboy Shannon, the winning pitcher in game two replace Kretlow. (3.2IP 8H 4R/4ER 1BB/1SO.)

Shortstop Eric Baker greeted Shannon with a single but Mike Pena flied out to deep right field to end the inning.

Seattle rallied to tie the game in the bottom of the 6th inning and the large crowd (37,000) began to think sweep in the late inning!!

Seattle scored off Newkirk, who had a three hit shutout going into the inning. Newkirk got through the inning but gave up four runs on six hits to do it. Lena Carter and Lou Valo opened the frame with singles. Sean McNichols popped out to Dedrick in foul territory over near the dugout. Joe Burdette struck out. Pep Thorpe doubled to right field driving in Carter and Valo. Siver Aldridge dropped a single in front of right fieder Joey Brede. Ernie Martinez singled to right field scoring Thorp and Wes Hartsfield singled in Aldridge to tie the game 4-4.

The score statyed that way until the ninth inning when Joey Brede reached on an error by thrid baseman Ernie Martinez. Pinch hitter Ernie Morton, just back with the club hours before, singled to center field. Brede went to third base and scored the wining run on a sacrifice fly to left field by Billy Dittmer.

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