Gifts large and small from missing friends

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Gifts large and small from missing friends

Post by basilrathbonejr » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:00 am

There was much angst by one and all over the reversed trade of last week between the Oakland and Cleveland ballclubs. A trade that included three players was reversed by the league and those involved were told to scatter right back to where they came from in the first place.

Sometimes things are not undone as easily as they were done because evidently the two returning to Oakaland forgot a couple of things when the were packing.

Fred Crawford, an established star in the league much more so than the other two, had kindly offered Manny Haas, a 36 year old much traveled veteran, and 29 year old Ernie Morton, a potential star held beck in Oakland by the presence of Clyde Dedrick just packed quickly and departed in the way a couple of laid back characters would do in a case like this. Not a worry in the world.

Upon arriving at his flat in Cleveland, the stylish Crawford inspected his property, and found it to be neat and clean -- but there WERE a couple of new residents there to greet him.

First thing was a six foot python a cage in the bedroom used by Haas, a veteran of the Burma Campaign during the war This serpent was found nestling in a large cage labeled ''Elmer Fudd,'' and a smaller cage with separate compartments next to it contained eight wild rabbits with worried fearful looks on their little fury faces.

The cage had labels on that cage door said, ''Bugs#1 through Bug#8'' obviously indicating in what order they should be sacrificed.

Yet another surprise awaited Crawford as Mrs. Eleanor Robinson, the attractive wife of Bank president Ralph Robinson who was a downstairs neighbor, opened the door and pranced in wearing something a little more comfortable and was extremely surprised not to see Ernie Morton standing there.

The two utterly confused people started talking excitedly and loudly to each other at once until the house janitor stuck his head in the door and cleared everything up.

He said. '''I been feeding Elmer for Manny since he didn't have time to get him ready to travel. Said he'd get him his first time through Cleveland if that's all right with you.'' Nice snake by the way...seems to love them rabbits I feed him.. I hate rabbits.. they always ate up my po' mamma's I naturally agreed to rid the world of a few of 'em.

''But what about the woman???'' he gasped.

''Why I never!'' she responded. ''I was just helping Ernest with his diet and doing some light housekeeping for him.

The janitor kind of rolled his eyes at that, but said nothing....She then asked ''When is Ernest coming back?''

Thompson's mind was all a haze at this point and just shrugged his shoulders and said, ''Not soon enought for me!!!''

He tossed his hat on the table and muttered. ''What do I do with this thing!!!

Mrs Robinson exclaimed, '' I have been called some rude things in my short lifetime, but nothing so rude as ''thing.'' Just wait until I tell Ralphie about this."" And she stormed out.

The janitor then said to Crawford. ''I would hope that she would be smart enough to reconsider that. I'll move Elmer down stairs if you like.

I like! I like! I like! said Crawford...Please do it now..I am itching like crazy.''

And that is that.

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Re: Gifts large and small from missing friends

Post by basilrathbonejr » Tue Nov 13, 2018 4:09 am

Friends have your pets spayed and nuetered and never leave your pythons behind.....

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