Shouldn't QBs last longer?

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Shouldn't QBs last longer?

Post by Aparicio » Mon May 13, 2019 6:08 pm

My one guy is 34 and almost over the hill, eH.

In the NFL, guys last a lot longer.


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Re: Shouldn't QBs last longer?

Post by luminafire » Mon May 13, 2019 6:34 pm

The longevity of QBs is a relatively new development in the NFL though and out of 32+ QBs only 3 or 4 are lasting into their late 30s. Eli is trash and Brady is an anomaly.

Francis Locke is 36 and is still tied for 13th in skills so there's at least one. Bret Dixon is the #1 QB and he's in his age 32 season. Sam Ketzko is on a bad team but he's still the #9 QB and he'll be 34 before the season ends.

But no it's still not like the NFL where Brady, Brees and Roethlisberger are all top 10 QBs and all well over 35 with no sign of falling off. It'd be great if leagues started in 1960 with an earlier retirement age and earlier age of decline and then it increased as the sim year did to simulate advances in sports medicine.

I guess it couldn't hurt to adjust this a little but every era, one makes it to 34/35 at least but not 4 like the NFL. They have to be a super high A overall or A+ like Locke and John Walker to make it to 35 and beyond without being trash and even Locke has declined from A+ throw power to A- at 36. The accuracy and execution are still there though so he still works for Orlando.

On that note, touchbacks should be starting at the 25 and PATs should be moved back. There's more than one inconsistency but we all know how slow football updates are. With fewer people on the site than there were 2 or 3 years ago I'm not surprised it's gotten slower.

Not being at least up to date with the current NFL is a problem.

A simple fix for QBs would be making their accuracy and execution continue to rise a lot into their late 30s to simulate a "smarter, wiser" QB and raise the significance of execution. After all, in the case of Brady and Peyton, that's why they lasted-- not because they still had a cannon.

The college system is woefully incomplete, free agency is a joke, the salary cap system might as well not exist and after all these years we don't have basic tackling stats. A lot needs to be addressed.

Besides the hack from a while back that drove a lot of people away these fundamental updates and the lack of a clearer game guide causes a lot of old players to retire and keeps us from attracting new players.

I know it's a lot to code and write but Chris should really batten down and look into this. It would ultimately help his pockets.

Maybe if Chris played in a league instead of just seeing it through the eyes of beta, testing and complaints for a few months it would change his perspective.

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Re: Shouldn't QBs last longer?

Post by Cueball899 » Tue May 14, 2019 7:49 am

I agree with every thing you said but I think the beta is dead. There has not been a single post in the beta forum since 1/11/19. I honestly wonder if he is letting it die because so many have left. It can be revived and I would be willing to pay more if Chris is willing to put in the improvements that are needed. If Sim Dynasty would start getting updates and start to feel like the game wanted to live and grow then I would be more than happy to advertise for him and spread the word and help get people in here. But sadly, IT JUST FEEL'S DEAD!

To me, if someone made a text sim football game that was close to the way Madden Franchise is then they would dominate the sim market. I know nothing about writing code but I think he should keep this one going as is and start writing a whole new code from scratch and then insert the new code. Chris said he has so many problems with the base structure of the code that I think starting over just makes sense.

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Re: Shouldn't QBs last longer?

Post by luminafire » Wed May 15, 2019 4:43 pm

AP, I went off on a tangent without looking at your QB in question. Already declining at 27... That's just bad luck. Sometimes you'll happen upon a player who starts declining way earlier than what's average for their position and as far as I know it's pure luck or lack thereof. A QB declining at 27 years old is definitely not a normal occurrence.

Find a new one. He only took -1 in declines last year but it's only going to get worse.

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