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Trade Vote Results

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:15 am
by Admin
Voting has concluded on this trade: Trade #965 has been completed between the Washington Senators and the New York BadBoys. The New York BadBoys receive <a target = "_blank" href = "">Chick Tucker</a>, <a target = "_blank" href = "">Jack Murphy</a> from the Washington Senators in exchange for <a target = "_blank" href = "">Billy Burk</a>.<BR><BR>Your league requires 66.0% to overturn a trade, and allows up to 72 hours to vote. 3 voted to reverse the trade. 8 voted to let the trade stand. 0 people abstained. 3 did not vote. That is not enough votes to overturn the trade, so the trade will stand.