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Re: Questions about trading

Post by skycoyote » Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:12 pm

I am always open to trade offers. Of course if am contending I want offers that improve my chances of making the playoffs and if I am rebuilding I am looking for prospects and picks. I usually don't want anything below a 2nd round pick, because I don't do very well in drafts. If I decline a trade offer I always give a reason why. I will very often make a counter offer and am always open to counters as well.
When I send trade offers it is also to either improve my chances to contend or to advance a rebuild. I always try to send a fair offer, but I am always open to a counter offer. I don't tell the owner I am sending the offer to why he should accept it, I'll leave that up to him <g>. I don't have any owners I don't want to trade with in this league; I am happy to trade with everyone equally. I do prefer, when I get a decline, to also get a reason why,
but everyone in this league does that, which is quite a positive for the league.
I like a back and forth negotiation in many cases, because you cover more options that way, players that you may not have considered offering, etc.
I probably make less trades than the average for the league, probably because I hesitate to part with players who have potential, I often prefer to trade draft picks, but I am always to pretty much any trade, as long as it makes sense to me.

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