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Trade Vote Results

Post by Admin » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:15 pm

Voting has concluded on this trade: Trade #1003 has been completed between the Chicago GUNFIGHTERS and the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Minnesota Golden Gophers receive <a target = "_blank" href = " ... ">SUNDANCE Abadie</a> from the Chicago GUNFIGHTERS in exchange for <a target = "_blank" href = "">Bill Neu</a>.<BR><BR>Your league requires 66.0% to overturn a trade, and allows up to 72 hours to vote. 8 voted to reverse the trade. 1 voted to let the trade stand. 2 people abstained. 3 did not vote. That is enough votes to overturn the trade, so the trade has been reversed. If for some reason the trade failed to reverse, please post in Support so we can investigate.
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