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Trade details

Post by pwj » Sun Oct 29, 2017 3:05 pm

Trade #1528047 has been completed between the Boston Red Sox and the San Diego Missions. The San Diego Missions receive Shanty Maglie, Draft Pick - 2035 Round 1 (BOS) from the Boston Red Sox in exchange for Owyn Hywel, Arwel Fflamddwyn.

rade #1528073 has been completed between the San Diego Missions and the Boston Red Sox. The Boston Red Sox receive Ellis Laker (SD) from the San Diego Missions to complete the trade above, and Laker will receive 14 CPs the rest of the 2033 season. There are also 15 CPs for San Diego from Boston for the 2034 season.

mrile, please confirm. Thank you.

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