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Related teams

Post by Admin » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:57 pm

The following teams in this league are all playing from the same computer and either related to or coworkers of each other:

NYA - Wolverine1
TB - Astros17
TOR - Pirates11
ATL - Braves72
CHN - Brewers11
CIN - Dodgertown
COL - Metsroll15
NYN -twinsrock1
PIT - Bluejays18
SD - Royals85

These teams cannot trade with each other nor can they vote on trade disputes involving each other. The system will enforce the trade restriction but I have to enforce the voting restriction by hand.

To help us serve you better, please use the support system for all questions or problems. PMs should NEVER be used. The Support system is always read before PMs.


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