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Color Theme

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Have I mentioned - maybe it's these old eyes - but I'm finding the color scheme in the 24 Team Beta League a bit difficult to see clearly on most of the screens, even when using my phone (Android OS, Samsung Galaxy S22). It's okay with the depth chart and the Player Cards, but the Draft Page, Lineup Page, News pages, All Star Pages, and almost everywhere else I find it difficult to see properly - especially the html links that are underlined in even lighter colors.

And on my phone, the menus are so dark as to be impenetrable.

Just thought I'd send up a flare on this issue. Anyone else having this issue...? Is there a color scheme setting I can change in my browser and phone?
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Re: Color Theme

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Thank you for pointing this out! There is actually an accessibility standard for minimum contrast, I need to run the new color schemes through it.
ballmark wrote: Sun May 28, 2023 9:16 am Is there a color scheme setting I can change in my browser and phone?
Not yet, but one of the goals is to eventually make "themes" available. Fun fact, this was actually the intent from way back in the beginning; the owners table in the database has never-implemented settings for table row colors. In the football beta there is actually an alpha-test Dark theme available (although it is still fairly unusable). The baseball site still has too much legacy ad-hoc coloring (even some truly ancient <font color='red'> nonsense going on) to make themes practical any time soon.
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