Interleague Play

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Interleague Play

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I know this has been brought up before but I think it's time to look at interleague play. There has been some discussion in other parts of the message board about this. I realize that Tyson's original idea is 1950's and pure baseball. However, we have made other changes to improve the game such as adding Japanese players to the draft. That didn't happen in the 1950's either.

In Dynasty leagues, where there are only 8 teams in each league it just makes too much sense not to add the element of interleague play. Both AL and NL draft from the same pool of players. Both league use the same waiver wire, make trades, etc. Also, for someone who has been in this league since 2002, I think it is time to add a little variety to this league.

It would be very easy to implement. My proposal is to add 1 series vs each of the teams in the other league. 8 teams x 3 games = 24 games. We could have 12 home games and 12 road games and the home/road can switch each season. 24 games out of 162 is just 14.8% of the season's games. We could put the games in the middle of the season or spread out throughout the season... I don't think it matters. We could add it only to dynasty leagues at first.

Hopefully admin takes a look at this proposal because I think it would add to the enjoyment of simdynasty.

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Re: Interleague Play

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Great idea
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Re: Interleague Play

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I second the motion
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Re: Interleague Play

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It would have to be built as an option that each team voted on and pass unanimously or you'd have owners leaving the league and it's hard enough to get Dynasty Leagues full these days. But it's certainly not a bad suggestion.
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