Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

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Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by TheBigKahuna0 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:32 pm

I know we've had variable development for a while in this league, but it seems to be more prevalent in this batch of prospects. Some top guys aren't looking so good while a few gems are making their way up the list. Callahan remains #1 again and probably will until he gets called up. The rest is all sorts of jumbled

26 Rank - 27 Rank - Name/Team/Pos
1 - 1 - Harry Callahan CIN RP - Drafted 1st in 2023 - ETA: 2028
Callahan returns to the list not due to his ability, but instead due to his age. At just 21, he's got more improvements he can make at the minor league level. If Cincinnati takes off, he could get a call up to help with the playoff push
Future Comparison: Ben Roskos

3 - 2 - Duke Wrecker BRO SP - Drafted 3rd in 2025 - ETA: 2029
Wrecker isn't quite making the most of his opportunities, but he's doing enough. The 19 year old is already B+ overall and good enough to make some rotations now. In 2 more years, he'll contend for a Cy Young if his team can keep up
Future Comparison: Carlos Berenguer

8 - 3 - Billy Kucks WAS SP - Drafted 5th in 2025 - ETA: 2029
Kucks hummed along last season and stands a B+ overall at 20 years old. He's got the right trajectory and the skills to start out with so you can expect really big things here
Future Comparison: R.J. Clowers

9 - 4 - Pop Riske STL RP - Drafted 17th in 2025 - ETA: 2028
Pop likely improves enough this year to earn a bullpen spot next season. He should hold his own although the main reason to push him forward will be to free space for other prospects
Future Comparison: Steve Kraly

10 - 5 - Harry Crist CHA 3B - Drafted 8th in 2023 - ETA: 2027
Crist is just about ready to roll and could see his chance come this season. He's not totally polished, but his great contact/speed combo should get him on base. He's going to develop great range down the road
Future Comparison: Al Fernandez

11 - 6 - Redd Forman CIN SP - Drafted 1st in 2024 - ETA: 2028
Forman has sandwiched one good year between a pair of poor seasons. There's still plenty of time for the starter, but he's got to get his head straight
Future Comparison: George Perrine

7 - 7 - George Koelling WAS SS - Drafted 7th in 2024 - ETA: 2029
If the Senators made the playoffs, Koelling would replace a bench bat just to hit against left handers. He could even start in that role. Instead, at 20 years old, he gets more time to mature. He'll be forced to see as many pitches from right handers as possible to catch up his ability vs left handers
Future Comparison: Chuck Pitula

2 - 8 - Earl Jones STL SP - Drafted 1st in 2025 - ETA: 2029
Jones just had a brutal year in the minors. He has plenty of talent and time to work with, but he'll need a good showing this season to turn his stock around
Future Comparison: Teddy Brach

6 - 9 - Jerry Cromartie CLE LF - Drafted 4th in 2023 - ETA: 2028
Even though he'll have value with his catching eligibility, he's going to struggle to make the lineup every day. His swing against left handers just hasn't come along. He has 2 more option years and should every day left to be ready for the big show
Future Comparison: Rupert Sierra

22 - 10 - Sawbones Jablonski BAL SP - Drafted 6th in 2025 - ETA: 2030
The 19 year old righty is close to a straight B/B. Along with his start endurance, he's got the making of an ace. Also helps that he is a master bunter so he should be able to go late into a lot of games
Future Comparison: Ron Ogden

14 - 11 - Buster Batista NYN 1B - Drafted 2nd in 2023 - ETA: 2028
Batista is still the all-around specimen at the plate he was drafted as. Another year or two in the minors should put him on track for a solid debut
Future Comparison: Ray Vinson

36 - 12 - Bill Caldwell BAL RF - Drafted 1st in 2026 - ETA: 2031
Caldwell is improving the way you want for a #1 pick. He's ready the B's in all of his offensive ratings and won't turn 19 until after the season. It's easy math to predict where he'll end up with the bat
Future Comparison: Brett Townsend

24 - 13 - Charlie Piercy DET 1B - Drafted 13th in 2025 - ETA: 2027
Piercy is going into this year hoping for a callup. He'll be 24 shortly and won't improve much more without major league experience. Problem is, he's not ready. Detroit has a decision to make here soon
Future Comparison: Rick Hatcher

NR - 14 - Wayne McKean STL SP - Drafted 3rd in 2027 - ETA: 2029
McKean slid to the 3rd pick and should experience a short stay in the minors. Already B- at 21, his control will reach A if not A+. His velocity will be right behind so an A overall pitcher could be on its way to St Louis
Future Comparison: Art Maddox

28 - 15 - Justin Cooke PIT SS - Drafted 14th in 2025 - ETA: 2030
Cooke is improving well after a two years of good development. He'll make an underwhelming debut in the future but could blossom into a solid starter
Future Comparison: Al McNeely

27 - 16 - Sam Kittle CIN RP - Drafted 8th in 2025 - ETA: 2028
Kittle has had two mediocre years in the minors and it's slowing his run to the majors. Things won't get easier in his 20's but the team will hope he pulls it together
Future Comparison: Bruce Peltz

20 - 17 - Wade Estalella PIT SS - Drafted 30th in 2024 - ETA: 2030
Estalella had another good year in the minors and can play almost every position on the diamond. The downside is his swing against right handers. His contact is nearly there but he'll need a lot more pop to stick in the pros.
Future Comparison: Knox Faeth

34 - 18 - Bernard Alston BOS RP - Drafted 9th in 2025 - ETA: 2031
Alston is heading for the fast track as he blows through the minor leagues. Two great years has him a B overall well shy of his 20th birthday. The reliever could be ready in for opening day two years from now
Future Comparison: Charles Givens

32 - 19 - Ben Koheler COL LF - Drafted 2rd in 2026 - ETA: 2030
As the Highlanders shipped away prospects for their playoff run, Koehler finds himself as the undisputed best prospect in the system. He has plenty of power along with acceptable contact. His knock will be his ability to stay on the field and his fielding itself
Future Comparison: Tom Bolling

NR - 20 - Xavier Medina BRO CF - Drafted 1st in 2027 - ETA: 2031
Medina is objectively a bad player. He can't hit or field. Maybe he steals a base. He has no shot against major league pitching. However, once this 17 year old hits the majors, he'll be a complete ball player. He might as well wear Ballbuster on both sides of his jersey
Future Comparison: Johnnie Sharpe

17 - 21 - Keg Morgan CHN 2B - Drafted 14th in 2023 - ETA: 2028
Morgan needed a big year and didn't really get it. The wheels aren't completely off, but the road to the majors just got a lot harder
Future Comparison: Elmer George

18 - 22 - Terry Francona PIT C - Drafted 14th in 2024 - ETA: 2029
Francona picked the wrong time to have a down year. His lack of improvement is obvious by his swing against right handers. He'll need a big year to avoid playing backup down the road
Future Comparison: Rennie Sperring

33 - 23 - Tom McKnight NYN SS - Drafted 11th in 2025 - ETA: 2031
McKnight had a great season developing his power, but that's not his need. He should be fine against right handers. His D+/A against left handers is concerning
Future Comparison: Francisco Noa

37 - 24 - Jack Straker SFO SP - Drafted 12th in 2025 - ETA: 2030
Stracker had a similar year to his first and is in between prospect and falling off. Right now it is hard to tell which side of B- overall he is on. We'll know who he is when he turns 22 at the end of the season
Future Comparison: Bruce Sykes

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Re: Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by TheBigKahuna0 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:32 pm

NR - 25 - Clem Brady CLE RP - Drafted 25th in 2026 - ETA: 2029
Cleveland's second round selection from last year is 22 with some promising stuff. He'll serve well in middle relief as he doesn't quite have shutdown closer abilities
Future Comparison: Edgardo Guerrero

NR - 26 - Parris Baxter SFO C - Drafted 20th in 2024 - ETA: 2029
Baxter wasn't a highly touted prospect but is looking like a solid pickup. He should max out his power while holding down his catcher position. His health will force him into a platoon partnership
Future Comparison: Pop Lotz

NR - 27 - Randy Batin BAL 3B - Drafted 4th in 2027 - ETA: 2031
Batin joins a deep minor league roster in Baltimore but shouldn't have a problem making his name know. He has A+ power potential and shouldn't have typical power-hitting strikeout problems. The rest of his game could be better, but he's good where it matters
Future Comparison: Frank Files

NR - 28 - Harvey Newcombe BRO 1B - Drafted 10th in 2026 - ETA: 2029
Newcombe put together a terrific season last year and is getting noticed for it now. He's a big bat with no speed and a weak glove, but he's all that matters.
Future Comparison: Ralph Cliburn

31 - 29 - Ginger Cowley CHA RP - Drafted 10th in 2022 - ETA: 2028
Crowley had to change his address 3 times last season, but seems to have landed in Chicago. He's on the edge in terms of being a prospect has he's on the older end without majors ready stuff. He could get some time in the majors and that would be best for his development, although the results will be rough
Future Comparison: Dave Colon

40 - 30 - Oscar Snodgrass TOR SP - Drafted 32nd in 2025 - ETA: 2030
Snodgrass improved his control more than velocity for the second year in a row. He's only 20, but if that D in velocity doesn't get going it won't matter how well he locates. This is a situation where the coaching staff wishes it could break through
Future Comparison: Mel Roebuck

NR - 31 - Milt Pierce KC CF - Drafted 7th in 2025 - ETA: 2030
Milt is very average and looks to stay that way. He could make A- overall without any real strength. At the same time, he won't be lacking for much either. It will be a tough call on how to handle his development when he's calling for a promotion in a couple of seasons
Future Comparison: Clay Shaughnessy

NR - 32 - Kid Coakley CHN 2B - Drafted 9th in 2027 - ETA: 2031
A solid pick at 9th overall, Coakley is a plus contact hitter that will provide some pop. Second base won't be in his future, although he could slide over nicely to third. At just 17, there's a lot of runway here
Future Comparison: Buck Wengert

44 - 33 - Dan Connelly DET 1B - Drafted 7th in 2026 - ETA: 2030
Connelly could hang against left handers in the future. Other than that he won't offer much. There's a chance he is respectable against right handers, but don't hold out hope
Future Comparison: Hank Madison

42 - 34 - Sal Cole BOS SP - Drafted 15th in 2026 - ETA: 2032
Cole had a fantastic year in the minors and is looking a little better than he did before. He needs another great year to get to the higher tiers of prospects. B/C is a good spot for him at 19 years old
Future Comparison: Ron Cary

NR - 35 - Ed Brocail CHA SP - Drafted 20th in 2027 - ETA: 2028
Brocail is an old prospect and a project. At B-/B- and 22 years old, he has to prove it now. One good year can put him in the majors while one bad year could put him on waivers
Future Comparison: Charlie McKnight

NR - 36 - Danny Walker KC SP - Drafted 29th in 2026 - ETA: 2027
Walker entered the league just last season and is already looking to break through. He's going to have trouble at A+/C, but if he can get that control up one more notch he'll be a candidate for fill-in work. That might be his ceiling
Future Comparison: Al Shumpert

NR - 37 - Crazy Burris NYN RF - Drafted 15th in 2027 - ETA: 2031
Burris is actually pretty mild-mannered. He was given the name Crazy instead of earning it through some ridiculous story. As far as his prospects go, he's much better against left handers and at worst is a platoon partner with a defensive focus. If he can get his swing against right handers going he could be a special player
Future Comparison: Steve Bando

NR - 38 - Bill Ellison DET CF - Drafted 7th in 2027 - ETA: 2031
Ellison lands in Detroit as a mid-first round pick. The 18 year old has decent, if not good ratings. It's a good foundation to build on and he'll just need to convert
Future Comparison: Jack Cress

NR - 39 - Stan Hiller CHN CF - Drafted 12th in 2026 - ETA: 2031
Hiller has a well-balanced game with some extra speed. He's not going to have an elite bat and will have a bad glove. The speed inflates his overall rating, although there's hope he'll pan out to something decent
Future Comparison: Ed Rader

NR - 40 - Todd McKnight BOS C - Drafted 11th in 2027 - ETA: 2032
The high power catching prospect landed in Boston in the second half of the first round of the draft. A+ power is a minimum for him, although it is also necessary. His arm should come along, although he'll always be slow. Swings and misses will be plenty as he makes he way up
Future Comparison: Butch Moffitt

NR - 41 - Jace Summers SFO SP - Drafted 12th in 2027 - ETA: 2030
Summers has less velocity than most the position players on his team, but he can locate. If the coaching staff can get him to start throwing harder, he'll be in line for a solid career
Future Comparison: Joe Heap

NR - 42 - Arnold Lerchen WAS SS - Drafted 21st in 2025 - ETA: 2030
With two great Senators further up this list, Lerchen is a bit of a disappointment. He could end up doing fine against right handers - if limited to a bench role.
Future Comparison: Ernie Lowery

NR - 43 - Joe Rosenberg CLE RF - Drafted 24th in 2027 - ETA: 2031
Despite a weak draft class, Cleveland lands a decent outfield prospect for the second round. He should hit pretty well against right handers with top speed. He'll struggled against left handers and will need to find a fielding position where moving isn't required
Future Comparison: Jim Braveheart

43 - 44 - Sal McKay KC RP - Drafted 39th in 2025 - ETA: 2032
McKay is ""up"" to D+ control finally, although it's probably too late. Even his fantastic year in the minors won't save him from obscurity
Future Comparison: Frank Wetzel

NR - 45 - Fred Kenworthy COL RF - Drafted 36th in 2027 - ETA: 2030
Kenworthy slipped into the third round and is lucky to be in a thin system. He should be able to hit right handers fairly well with an emphasis on contact. The rest of his game could come around, although he's a long shot in the perfect organization
Future Comparison: Al James

47 - 46 - Denny Wasdell TOR SP - Drafted 37th in 2024 - ETA: 2029
B overall at 25 projects to B overall for a while. Wasdell doesn't have any indication that things are going to get much better
Future Comparison: Lou McAuliffe

NR - 47 - Tom Billings COL CF - Drafted 44th in 2027 - ETA: 2030
Billings has an outside shot at getting to A+/C+ against right handers. That would get him a bench spot. Not too shabby for a waiver addition
Future Comparison: Joe Sanders

NR - 48 - Charlie Jackson TOR RF - Drafted 33rd in 2025 - ETA: 2030
When he grows up, he'll be about as good as a minor league catcher. If playing a premium position doesn't get you out of the minors with this skill set, not much will
Future Comparison: Curt Larsen

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Re: Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by MNRebel » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:35 am

Thanks again for a great read. Ouch! Colorado's minors are in rough shape...we better do good in the standings!

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Re: Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by Roaddog » Sat Sep 14, 2019 1:02 am

Thanks Kahuna!

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Re: Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by jthurm2 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 3:54 pm

The best post of all my sim leagues. Hands down!!

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Re: Top Prospects of the CPBL 2027

Post by 2Below » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:13 am

This is great!
Many times I go back and look at your predictions from seasons past.

Thanks for all the hard work!

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