Wheeling and Dealing

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Wheeling and Dealing

Post by DeepThreat » Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:11 pm

The Arizona Second Hand Players shop is now fully in business. Some of the best merchandise has left the shelves, but there are still a few nifty items than can help your team go from pretender to contender, from "just missed" to championship bliss.

One deal have been struck sending SP Jackie Augustine, Closer Bing Snover, and Utility OF Bill Drake to New York (AL). Another deal has agreed to that will send SP Carl Cole and 3B Wayne Valdez to Kansas City. Looks like the AL just got a bit tougher.

Still available are SP Vic Morse, C Al Wenz, and RF Wattie Bannister. Younger guys that I may wish to hold onto, but I will consider offers for: Closer Rich Giebel, SP Danny Eisenstat, and 1B/LF Dave Hinton. Giebel will come at a pretty lofty price, as I believe Cole did in going to KC.

If you're looking to contend, particularly over there in the AL, and feel you could use a bit of a boost... get those offers in. I'm willing to accept agreements for 2042 draft picks, with the intention of sending them over once I am able to renew in a few days (sitting at $988 Dynasty dollars of rh required $1000, 6 days at the latest, 3 days at the earliest).

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