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Post by Reagan1980 » Mon Oct 07, 2019 5:36 pm

Anyone watching the mlb playoffs ? Who do you root for ?

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Re: Playoffs

Post by Wookieboy » Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:03 pm

I'm for the St. Louis Cardinals

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Re: Playoffs

Post by CardFan4520 » Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:42 pm

The Great St. Louis Cardinals! Although the Nats are making them look bad. Lol CN

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Re: Playoffs

Post by mwcmerrill » Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:43 pm

Nats fan here. We're up 2-0 in the series, but the Cardinals are terrifying. Nats need to finish this off in DC.

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Re: Playoffs

Post by Lyrici17 » Thu Oct 17, 2019 7:05 pm

As a Mariners fan, I have already been rooting for the Nationals to make the World Series (because then the M's will be the only franchise to have never made it to the World Series, and I am sick individual and a glutton for punishment). So I'm just going to continue rooting for them now that they're in.

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