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100 wins

Post by Covid18 » Sat May 23, 2020 2:59 pm

The Cincinnati Caesars capped off a wire-to-wire NL playoff run by notching wins #100 and #101 this week. But Philadelphia is looming, and it should be a battle royale in the NLCS. The Shadows have owned the fellas from the Queen City, winning 14 of their 22 tilts against the front runners. This is in no small part to the keen eye of Philadelphia GM Andrew Reid, who acquired All Star SP Michele Casavecchia in what can only be described as a throttling of the Milwaukee franchise. No truth to the rumor that Reid has compromising photos of Oaks' owner Kenneth W. England... Philly needs but 2 more wins to reach 100, as well.

Over in the AL, KC wrapped things up, or so they thought, but it will take an epic collapse for them to miss the ALCS. They are 4 games up with 5 to play. Cleveland refuses to concede, and now trails Boston by a slim 2 games. It should go right down to the wire in this hotly contested pennant race. The Kodskods may be undone by a late season injury to Bob Amole, their longtime 2B, who was having his best year ever. He has career bests in doubles, triples, OBP, and BA this season, but is out for the rest of the year with a herniated spleen. Someone from the heart of rock-n-roll will need to fill his big shoes if they are to catch the War Tigers for the final playoff spot. Speaking of Beantown, crafty southpaw Chris Evers has been a tremendous boost for the fried clam capitol, and is poised to have a 20 win season. He has quietly been one of the best pitchers in the OCL-AAA all season, and the Daleks may regret trading him for Charlie Walker. It looked like fair swap at the time, but Evers has been the better of the two by some margin this year. He's the guy who this reporter believes will give the War Tigers a good chance against KC, should they hang on and meet in the playoffs.

One season does not a trade make, but so far, Walker has disappointed St Louis.

In other, more esoteric news, Cincinnati has still not attempted to steal a base this season. And they lead the league in runs scored, but they do not lead the league in BA, OBP, nor SLG. They are 4th, 3rd, and 7th, respectively, in those categories. Perhaps all those CS aren't worth the extra bases the steals tack on? An out is worth much more than a base, it seems. The Caesars are only 11th in HRs, but the guy on base in front of them wasn't thrown out trying to steal. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

In pitching news, look out for the Lionhearts in the next few seasons. Their staff posted the 4th best ERA in the OCL-AAA this year, and despite their offensive woes (dead last in almost every category), they still reached the 70 win mark. If they can procure some hitting, they may well do what the Caesars have done, and go from loser to winner, overnight. They have two #1 quality SPs, Borland and Cooney, and that can carry a team a long way. This reporter predicts the Chicago NL team will be tough to beat soon enough. Oh... they also don't steal much, going 16-4 for a respectable 80% success rate. Their minuscule stealing rate would be big news if it weren't for Brute Skipper's complete refusal to let Cincy players run willy nilly.

That's the pennant report. I'll have another, more comprehensive, story on the 2227 season as it wraps up. Enjoy the AL pennant race, and as always, like us on FB. ;)

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Re: 100 wins

Post by KennyEngland » Sat May 23, 2020 10:54 pm

Well Done
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