Late 2207 Write Up

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Late 2207 Write Up

Post by ballmark » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:51 pm

Well, I had to go all the way back to 2192 to find the last year all of our playoff teams each won 100 games or more, so it's been a pretty competitive stretch here in the Sandberg Yingling League. And this year **five** teams actually accomplished the feat, with the Smog being edged out on the play-in tiebreaker, Game #163. SF must have left it all on the field in that game, though as the Heatwave swept them in the NLCS.

But let's do a quick review. Todd's LA Twins won 109 regular season games to top the SYL regular season this year. That's the most he's won in this league ... umm, EVER. By a pretty wide margin. His previous best was 102 wins back in, you guessed it, 2192. A popular year. So salute and congrats, mes ami!

Connor's Heatwave in Arizona was right behind him with 108 victories, a couple ticks below last year's mark, but they rolled in the NLCS and marched into their second straight World Series.

That brings us to Jim's Washington Nits, back in the playoff picture after a one-year absence and 103 wins, his team's best effort since 2191, when they went to the World Series. His Wild Card bid swept the Twins in the ALCS and the Nits went to the World Series this year, as well. But, like 2191, were unsuccessful. (Three years later they got their ring, in 2194, so the story eventually had a happy ending.)

That brings us to the San Francisco Earth Quakes and the 101 wins (w/the tiebreaker win). Five more than last year and brought them back into the postseason after last year's miss, so they went home with their dignity intact, and a promise to their fanbase that a rebuild was likely in the works this offseason.

The Heatwave are your 2207 World Champions in a six-game series, three of them one-run affairs. Arizona now boasts **27** World Series trophies, an SYL league high and six more than any other franchise. Congratulations, man!

Let's check out how the rest of the league fared compared to last year...

Atlanta = +19 <<< next playoff contender...?
Boston = +11 <<< up and coming!
Milwaukee = +8 ... good to be on the right side of the ledger
Philadelphia = +8 ... two years of growth
Seattle = even
Cleveland = <1>
Texas = <2>
Cincinnati = <5>
Baltimore = <9>
Pittsburgh = <15> <<< oh, dear.
Los Angeles NL = <17> ouch!
New York AL = <28> <<< IN DEEP REBUILD

May ABE smile on us all in the off season!

-- Mark

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Re: Late 2207 Write Up

Post by ptech » Sat Jul 14, 2018 1:33 am

These write-ups are just the best.

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Re: Late 2207 Write Up

Post by mrtwolff » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:53 am

!!! Thanks!

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