2054 of Playoffs

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2054 of Playoffs

Post by DrinkBleach » Sun Aug 12, 2018 8:31 pm

Man, things have really been twisted this year. My team managed to enter the playoffs again and take hold of the division, but I can say there are tough opponents and it's going to be interesting. Good luck to the Sabercats, Miners and the Zoo and we will see who enters the Sim Bowl.

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Re: 2054 of Playoffs

Post by mjcahill » Mon Aug 13, 2018 8:35 am

Sure has been a twisted year! For me, last season was the same. I started out 1-7 and went on a great run just to end up missing out on the wildcard spot by one game. This year I win 11 games and miss the playoffs! lol! It's all good though. It's what makes this game/league/group of managers so enjoying to be a part of. For you DB, I was actually keeping an eye on your team this year because of the injury to your starting QB just before the season started that had him on the injured list for nearly 50 games. Sucks to see that happen, to anyone. So, congrats on hanging in there and now see you in the conference championship game. Great job!

I see you are playing Orlando (tmcco2), who is another owner that I'd like to see get a SIM Bowl championship. He's been in the league for quite a while now and is a real solid guy and is the the type of owner that helps to keep a league like ours thriving for 95 seasons and counting!

Congrats are also in order for Philadelphia (blakjakshalak), again :) , who seems to be automatic for the playoffs every year, and Colorado (emack) who's first year in the league he went 13-3 and is playing in the conference championship game. Pretty impressive. Arizona (chromedome) and Florida (EXL28) also had great years which is not uncommon but what is unusual is that we will have a SIM Bowl or conference championship game without either of them participating.

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