CP allocation help

Ask for or give help with trade offers, coach point distribution, draftee rankings, or anything else specific to team strategy.
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CP allocation help

Post by ofan1987 » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:22 pm


Liking where everything is headed, but wonder everyone’s input... also feel like I just need to put Haas in the Majors... he could be a solid backend starter someday.

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Re: CP allocation help

Post by ratman44 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:28 am

Just my 2 cents, but I would get rid of your 4 extra guys. To me the B/D pitchers aren't going to make it to B control without more than 10CPs, and on your roster they are down the totem pole and don't deserve more than where they are. Marty Haas is behind where he needs to be but you could keep him down in the 9 spot higher than the D control pitchers, then up for half the year get him the 25 IC's in the major that only go to Velocity and Control and see what happens. I have had B- at OS22 make it to A- but they have gotten very lucky 10+ conversions at 23 and 24.

My only other thoughts are general thinking I use. I would put 15 on Lima, I give pitchers every opportunity imaginable. Then right wrong or indifferent, if 2 guys have the same value to me I tend to put the younger one higher on the CP list. Since guys under 20 improve better than a 21 year old.

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